qtranslate slug bugfixing

Some of my customers need their website to be multilingual. For these cases, i like to use the plugin qtranslate. As awesome as it is, it is lacking the support of multilingual slugs for seo-friendly permalinks.

But now i found a plugin that solves this problem: enter qtranslate slugs. It adds the much needed possibility to give e.g. the english version of a page or post a different slug than the german version.

Still, there were two problems that bugged me:

  • The alternate language versions of the page are still inserted in the header by qtranslate, not knowing about the new slug versions and by that wrong
  • The searching only works in the default language. If you try to use the search feature in a different language, you see the front page. (Maybe this is only true with certain settings. I use a static front page and the ‘directory mode’ of qtranslate -> domain.com/lang-code/

To solve this problem, i tweaked the plugin a tiny bit and added a function to it.
Carlos, if you read this, maybe you could implement these changes in the next update? Thanks ;)

Change #1:

In the function ‘filter_request’ (qtranslate-slug.php line 772) insert at the start, directly after the global vars, the following two lines:

return array('s' => $query['s']);

Change #2:

Add the following code at the end of the plugin file:

function qtranslate_slug_header_extended(){
global $qtranslate_slug;
global $q_config;
if(is_404()) return;
foreach($q_config['enabled_languages'] as $language) {
if($language != qtrans_getLanguage())
echo '<link hreflang="'.$language.'" href="'.$qtranslate_slug->get_current_url($language).'" rel="alternate" />'."\n";

I hope these changes can help someone who has the same problem as me ;)

CU, Kuchen und Kakao

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21 Gedanken zu „qtranslate slug bugfixing

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    • Wow, great man!

      Well, may be more complex, but it worked on the sites i was working on^^ ;)

      By the way, is there any function like “get_qtrans_slug_url_by_id($id, $lang)” planned? That would be really helpful sometimes.

  2. Hi I know it’s been some time … but I am new to wordpress and first time 2-language site + search … I must doing something wrong … putting the code in teh wrong file or place … could anyone just show me how this qtranslate-slug.php should look … ? Please take in mind my php-knowledge is weak

    • What exactly doesn’t work? I need some more info ;)

      You find the qtranslate-slug.php in the plugins folder (default: wp-content/plugins/qtranslate-slug )

      If you use the latest version of qtranslate slug, you find the function “filter_request” in line 776.
      Line 778 should be free, you can insert the stuff from “Change #1″.

      You can insert the stuff from “Change #2″ either at the end of the qtranslate-slug.php, or just somewhere in your themes functions.php.

      BUT: if you don’t understand about this at all, maybe you shouldn’t use this. Messing around with source code should be done only if you know what you’re doing ;)


      • Hi Kuchenundkakao,
        Thank You for the solution! :o)

        At first “Change #2″ didn’t work for me too, but I modified it as follows and now is ok

        add_action('after_setup_theme', 'change_qt_header');
        function change_qt_header() {
        remove_action('wp_head', 'qtrans_header');
        add_action('wp_head', 'qtranslate_slug_header_extended');

  3. Hello,

    I have a multilingual site and I have also the problem that the searching only works in the default language. Results of the search query in any language redirect me to English, by default.
    I have seen you have solved this issue by using qtranslate slug and appying some changes to the qtranslate-slug.php file.

    However, when I install qtranslate-slug, my web is not working correctly, so I cannot use it.
    Do you have a hint of how to fix this issue in qtranslate directly?

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Sorry, i got no idea about the searching in the standard qtranslate or where to find it. What exactly is “not working correctly” when you install/activate qtranslate slug? Maybe i can help here ^^ ;)

  4. Well, it breaks most of the links triggered by an action. For example, when I want to view a post I am redirected to the home page.

    Thank you anyway!!

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